Total insulation from the other customers

VPS servers provide you with the degree of command you’d have with a dedicated web server for a far lower renting price.

Thanks to a special virtualization technology, a Virtual Private Server offers you a completely independent website hosting setting. You’re going to be entirely free from any additional users located on the same physical master server and won’t have any kind of excessive load issues or DDoS attacks. Additionally, it will be way easier to employ all the resources which were allocated to you as well as to change any sort of web hosting server options you would like. Because of the root access you are provided with, you’ll be able to install any kind of software that you like and reboot the server anytime.

Our server administrators perform regular offsite backups of the server, so you can be sure that the content will be restored in case there is random loss of data.

Full root/administrator access

Just like using a dedicated server, using a VPS you’ll have full root access to your website hosting environment. By result of this it is possible to modify anything on the server as well as reboot it anytime you need to.

This provides you the independence to install applications that usually can’t be installed using a typical web hosting account (ffmpeg, for instance). You can make the video sharing portal you have constantly wanted, or maybe a media–heavy website with movie converting options.

Of course, if you require assistance with the server, our tech support team is ready round–the–clock to help you with virtually any problem or trouble that you have.

OpenVZ VPS Servers

The data center where the servers are co-located has an excellent peering network, including major backbone providers, such as Layer(3), NTT and nLayer, which are among the top network service providers. BGP is used for optimal route selection and automatic failover.

Different data center possible choices

We are aware how the Data Center position is an important element for the performance of your web sites and our company offers a couple of different locations for you – in the USA, in the UK and in Australia. All data centers provide a world–class hosting atmosphere for one’s Virtual Private Server.

No matter which data center you get, your Virtual Private Server will have exceptional connectivity to the rest of the world as a result of a fully dependable network founded on Juniper routers and switches.

Your media–rich web sites will be in a secure place and a team of system administrators is going to be watching the network onsite to guarantee a 99.9% network uptime. The costs as well as the options that come with the VPS Servers are identical in all data centers, so you can pick the location which is nearest to your target website visitors.

You really find more hosting resources than you pay for

By reason of an exceptional virtualization technology, Linux Hosts Inc.’s VPS Servers can provide much more than you’ve paid for.

Besides the memory allowance that your virtual private server has, additionally, you’ll be able to make use of the RAM resources that remain unused on the same server at any moment. Which means even if your VPS has 1018 MB of RAM memory, you’ll be able to apply the free RAM resources from the master server.

So, unlike with any shared hosting platform in which the numerous customers on the same server could cause clog, which can trigger server downtime for your sites, on a VPS the rest of the customers could just provide you with advantage.