At Linux Hosts Inc. we provide cloud hosting packs designed with one purpose – to help make your life as a website owner easier. Take a look at the video demonstration to find out the best way to revitalize your website using our cloud hosting plans.

For each cloud hosting offer, it’s also possible to go for your data center. We now have data centers, positioned on 3 continents – a US datacenter operating in Chicago, a UK datacenter situated in Maidenhead, a FI datacenter operating in Pori, a Eastern Europe datacenter in Sofia and an AU datacenter in Sydney. In each data center you will enjoy a 99.9% network uptime and also a 99.9% service uptime, assured for your sites.

Each of our cloud hosting plans are available with our remarkable Online Control Panel. It’s created to be the sole place you need to go to for site managing. The File Manager effectively eradicates the necessity for any kind of FTP clients due to its power to upload files, dragged inside the web browser through a protected connection. When using the Domains Manager it’s possible to take care of an array of domain names in the very same place. Our Web Site Installer Tool lets you set up a completely new website with a unique theme in 4 basic steps. Our Web App Installer offers you the option to install any of as many as forty well–known applications with no setup necessary.

And that is merely a small part of the tools and bonuses, accessible with all of our cloud hosting plans.