Semi-dedicated server quotas

On a semi-dedicated service, you are bestowed with access to an immense portion of the resources of an entire dedicated machine. Since you will share the server with only several other clients, you’ll get abundant CPU time and MySQL database storage space allowances for your resource–intensive sites. You’ll get access to more or less the same amount of resources you would get with a dedicated server, but at a cheaper price, and will be able to manage your web hosting environment much easier in comparison to a standalone machine.

With a semi–dedicated server, you won’t get root access and won’t be able to select a web hosting Control Panel or a server OS. Instead, Linux Hosts Inc.’s system administrators will carry out all server monitoring and maintenance tasks for you. Furthermore, you can take advantage of Linux Hosts Inc.’s cutting–edge hosting platform, which boasts an awesome stability and a well–balanced distribution of the web hosting resources.

A hosting platform

Our cloud hosting platform is the foundation of all the semi–dedicated server plans that we are offering. This will give your semi–dedicated server a splendid performance stability and you won’t have to worry that you’re sharing a physical machine with a few other users.

What’s more, Linux Hosts Inc.’s cloud hosting platform allows for a really swift and easy transition from a hosting account to a semi–dedicated server plan. Simply push the Upgrade button and we will take care of the transfer on your behalf within seconds. Additionally, you can switch between Linux Hosts Inc.’s semi–dedicated server packages with a mouse click.

Our hosting packages go hand in hand with the point ’n’ click Hepsia hosting Control Panel, so you will be able to manage your server through an easy–to–work–with user interface, which offers a collection of site setup tools and cost–free bonuses.

Straightforward Site Control Panel

Our semi-dedicated service are based on our in–house built cloud hosting platform and hence come bundled with our custom point & click Site Control Panel, which is included for free with every server plan.

The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel is very simple to use and you can carry out various site management tasks – for example, you can apply file permissions or create a Memcached instance with a single click of the mouse. Owing to its streamlined interface, you can swiftly switch between the different web hosting Control Panel sections without having to go back to the main page every time.

You do not need to be worried about server administration procedures too. Our techs will execute all server surveillance and administration tasks for you, so you can concentrate on your web sites only.

A lot of totally free extras

The custom–developed hosting Control Panel coming with each semi–dedicated server by default, offers an array of free tools and bonuses for building and promoting your web sites with a mere click of the mouse.

With the single–click Free Web Applications and the automated Instant Website Installer, you can publish your new personal diary, forum or photo gallery instantly. With the integrated Website Optimization Tools, you can set up a brand–new sitemap or add RSS feeds to your website. Using exhaustive web analytics statistics, you can keep track of your site’s online performance 24/7.

And with an array of Site Accelerator Tools like Varnish and Memcached, you can improve the speed of your popular web sites and make them achieve better search engine results page rankings.

Enhanced server security

Your semi–dedicated server will offer the biggest degree of safety for your ever–demanding web sites and web applications.

The software architecture around which our hosting platform is built, draws upon SELinux – a security–enhanced version of the Linux Operating System. Linux Hosts Inc.’s administrators have also made custom modifications to make everything work even better. This way, your semi–dedicated server will ensure a dependable and secure hosting environment for your sites.

Moreover, all our semi-dedicated service can be ordered in our highly secure data centers, which maintain a number of anti–DDoS tools and guarantees a safe and secure internal network.