Thoroughly tested server hardware

We, at Linux Hosts Inc., have taken into account every component of our server configurations to ensure you get a stable hosting platform for your ever–expanding web hosting necessities.

The majority of web hosting suppliers on the market today offer Linux dedicated service that are fitted out with the newest hardware components. This might seem like a considerable asset, but experience has shown that brand–new hardware is way more prone to bugs and also offers limited software support.

Our greatest priority is to offer you a dependable Linux dedicated service for as long as possible, so we give our best to integrate the best hardware elements in every setup.

Total root/administrator access

A dedicated server is meant to serve your business needs 24/7. With full root access to the physical machine, you can make the most of the server’s capabilities. You can set up new applications, modify the Apache server’s configuration settings and even install another OS.

In the event that you require assistance administering your server, you can contact Linux Hosts Inc.’s client care staff at any given time. Additionally, you can get professional help from our system administrators by purchasing our Managed Services package.

Site Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin

Managing a website on a dedicated server is no longer an undertaking for pros only. During the signup process, we give you a selection of easy–to–use hosting Control Panels, so that you can get complete control of your websites. You will be able to select between Linux Hosts Inc.’s completely free Site Control Panel, the cPanel Control Panel ($30.00/a month) and the DirectAdmin Control Panel (free).

Each Control Panel has its own strong sides. With the Site Control Panel, you will take advantage of the simplicity of use and all the no–cost bonuses that are typically associated with the standard hosting packages. With cPanel, you’ll get a well–known interface for managing your site, along with the WHM tool. DirectAdmin features an array of free–of–charge modules, which can swiftly transform your server into a game server, a mail server, etc.

Do not forget that the different Control Panels offer support for different Linux distributions. DirectAdmin and cPanel require CentOS to work, whereas our Site Control Panel needs Debian. You can select your Linux version during the signup process.

Managed Services

If you require assistance administering your dedicated server, you can order Linux Hosts Inc.’s Managed Services package.

It includes a variety of server management procedures that are executed by our highly capable admins. These procedures include weekly Operating System updates, software installations, server backups, etc.

Plus, your dedicated server will be included in our advanced server monitoring platform, which will permit us to perceive the slightest interferences in its work.

24/7/365 customer support service

With every dedicated server, you will obtain access to Linux Hosts Inc.’s amazing 24/7/365 support team. Our company offers a sixty–minute client support ticket response guarantee, so all your enquiries will be answered within just 60 minutes. And our average helpdesk ticket response time is less than 20 minutes!

That is possible thanks to Linux Hosts Inc.’s highly accomplished technicians. Each one of them has no less than a couple of years of experience in the hosting business. And they frequently participate in different courses to further improve their competence in different spheres. This way, they are ready to reply to any inquiry and to address any problem that you may have with your dedicated server.