Install over 40 widely used web apps

Linux Hosts Inc. gives you a pretty easy way to install your weblog, community site or online photo album with one click. With our Free Web Applications created in–house by us, you can build a full–fledged site picking from among 40+ PHP–based web apps.

The Free Web Applications is included in the Site Control Panel coming with Linux Hosts Inc.’s hosting packages and servers (semi-dedicated service, VPS service and Linux dedicated service).

Install your brand–new site with only a mouse click

The Free Web Applications sports an intuitive interface for creating your online journal, online image gallery or social network. You do not need to cope with any script configuration or manual installation operations. Simply choose the web app that you want and type in the name of your web site and the tool will install it within a few seconds. And since the web applications offer you a simple way to get your site content online, you will be able to upload your image files, texts and video clips to your site with a mere click.

Additionally, the applications are frequently updated to their newest stable versions and are running flawlessly on our hosting platform.

Easy administration

Once your app is installed, you will acquire immediate access to its admin area and will be able to begin uploading fresh web site content and to make updates at any moment. The admin details, including the login address and the admin pass, are saved in the Site Control Panel, so you will be able to check them out anytime you want to.

If, for some reason, you no longer need the installed app, you’ll be able to uninstall it with one single click from our Control Panel. You do not have to remove all the text, image, audio and video files one by one.

Select your application on the order page

You can select a web app and have it installed in your hosting account even before you log in! Simply select the app that you want from the pull–down menu on the order page and it’ll be instantly installed in your newly opened hosting or semi-dedicated servers account. In this way, you can have your new Joomla or WordPress site published to the Internet the moment you open your account.

Immediately after you log in, you can use Linux Hosts Inc.’s single–click Free Web Applications to install additional web apps for any other domain or subdomain in your web hosting account.