Even when you work with the most efficient software and hardware out there, there's always a chance that something might go wrong after an update, for example. In these occasions, it would be extremely helpful if you have a backup of your content as you will prevent or lessen the loss of files and you'll be able to restore the adequate functioning of your websites promptly. If you use a shared hosting account, standard backups are created by your provider, but this isn't the situation in case you've got a virtual or a dedicated server and a problem may result in the loss of valuable info. To avoid such scenarios, we offer a backup upgrade for our web server solutions, so that we are able to keep a copy of your info safely and securely on an independent server and restore the content when required. That way you will not need to be worried about losing anything even if you have very important data on the hosting server.

Weekly Backup in VPS Servers

You shall be able to add the backup service to your new VPS servers with only several mouse clicks and our system shall start generating a copy of your content on a weekly basis, so if you want any file or database to be restored, we will be able to do this for you immediately. When you want to have backups straight away, you should choose this feature during the virtual private server signup process. In any other case, you can select the service whenever you want through your billing CP and we'll start producing backups straight away. Since the upgrade is renewable, you will be able to decide if you wish to use it during the whole time you employ the virtual machine or just during particular months - after and before a significant upgrade of your sites, for instance. This way you will not need to be concerned that something may go wrong and you may lose your information. The backups are also part of our Managed Services bundle, which you can add to your VPS and make full use of different admin services that we provide.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers

If you acquire one of our dedicated service and you determine that you require a backup of your content, you can add this service with a few mouse clicks and our system shall start keeping copies on a weekly basis immediately. You can purchase the upgrade together with the hosting server or at some point later via your billing CP in the event that you don't need backups from the start. The service will grant you 50 gigabytes of disk space on a separate hosting server and this content could be restored on our end. Though we examine the components and the software before we hand over any new dedicated hosting server, you can never know if some update won't crash, so in case you have critical information on the hosting server, you'd be better off with this upgrade. Backups can also be found with the Managed Services upgrade, which includes a lot of other useful management tasks which we provide to our clients.