Building a website might not appear as an uncomplicated task to those people that have no previous experience with such matters. Websites today are usually dynamic, with a lot of options, so creating such content may look quite complicated. Fortunately, you can have such a site with minimal efforts even when you have never designed one previously because you can use web themes - pre-made Internet sites that you will be able to change or expand depending on your needs. If you want a feature-rich website, for instance, you can use themes for script-driven applications, while for something less complicated you may use static themes. Regardless, starting your online presence will be very simple as you will not need any previous knowledge or skills to develop a site.

Free Website Templates in Hosting

When you acquire any of our hosting packages, you will get access to hundreds of free of cost web templates you can use for virtually any sort of website. We have a website builder with over 70 templates which can be used for simpler websites and every one has different styles and color schemes. You can also choose from numerous pre-defined pages, including Contact Us, Directions, and so on, so building a website will be very simple. If you want to have a more dynamic site, you can use a script application such as WordPress or Mambo as we offer numerous free web templates for them also, each one with different customizable options which can be accessed via the script back office. In this way, you will not need to spend hundreds of dollars for website design or pay for themes from third-party Internet sites.

Free Website Templates in Semi-dedicated Servers

Through our semi-dedicated server plans you will be able to use hundreds of 100 % free web themes for your Internet sites. You'll pay only the plan’s monthly fee and you'll save tens, even 100's of dollars for site design services as we will never ask you for any extra fees to be able to access our website templates. You will be able to use our website builder, which comes with more than 70 web templates with different color schemes and styles, or you can employ script-driven applications like Joomla, WordPress or Mambo and use countless beautiful themes for them, each one with lots of options which you can manage via the script back office. You'll have a wide variety depending on which kind of site you intend to build and how involved you'd like to be.