Whois Privacy Protection with Linux Hosts Inc.

As a rule, the WHOIS information is required to be available to the public as well as fully genuine. Which means you’ll have to submit your own or business data on the Internet and re–confirm that it is accessible for everybody to review. Thanks to the WHOIS Privacy Protection solution you can find at Linux Hosts Inc., it is possible to obscure your data by using our information instead.
The best thing would be that just about all domain–related emails (transfer requests, EPP codes, and so on) will nevertheless pass, when any undesired emails will be filtered out.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Seeing that several registrars have already set Whois Privacy Protection limits for their TLDs, we can’t deliver this particular service for all of the domain names we currently have. Even so, the number of domain names which feature Whois Privacy Protection is consistently increasing and it presently involves the most used domains extensions.
Pay a visit to our comprehensive TLD details page to discover which from the offered domain name extensions support Whois Privacy Protection.

SSL Certificates

Get SSL certificates straight from your CP

An SSL certificate enciphers the connection between your clients and your e–store and tells everybody that it is a secure place for shopping. You’d ordinarily obtain an SSL certificate from a third–party distributor. However, with Linux Hosts Inc., you can request one directly from your Control Panel.

Simply visit the SSL Certificates menu and choose whether you want a conventional SSL certificate or a wildcard SSL certificate. Then request an activation and we will carry out everything else on your behalf straight away.

SSL Certificates

Quick WHOIS Management

WHOIS managing designed straightforward

When registering a domain, you have to provide accurate WHOIS info as well as to keep it up to date at all times. If you want to change your e–mail or street address, or if you want to transfer the domain to somebody else, you can do that through the Domain Manager interface.

Simply hit the Edit WHOIS button next to the domain name in question and change the respective registrant, technical and administrative info. After you hit the Update button, the changes will be momentarily reflected online.

Quick WHOIS Management

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Efficiently register different domain names

If you are creating a brand on the web, you simply can’t depend on one single domain name. To create a strong identity as well as to prevent any brand identity theft, you need to register several domains simultaneously – my–brand.com, my–brand.net, etc. Within the web hosting Control Panel you will find a smart solution to that problem – our bulk domain registration tool.

You can register plenty of domains at once and even specify different WHOIS details for each of them.

Bulk Domain Registration Options

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