Tried and tested server hardware

We’ve meticulously selected all the components of our server configurations in an effort to set up a solid foundation for your ever–growing offline and online web hosting needs.

With many web hosting distributors, you will find Dedicated Servers featuring the latest hardware available on the market today. Although this is an excellent selling point, our previous experience has shown that brand new hardware is more liable to crash and offers limited software support.

We want your dedicated servers to be as dependable as possible and your sites and applications to be accessible online for as long as possible. That’s why, instead of the latest hardware, we’re using the very best hardware.

Complete root/administrator access to the server

A dedicated server is meant to cater to your business necessities 24x7x365. With full root access to the physical machine, you can make full use of the dedicated server’s capabilities. You can set up new apps, change the Apache server’s configuration settings and even set up a whole new OS.

In the event that you need assistance managing your dedicated server, you can touch base with our help desk team at any given time. What is more, you can get specialized help from our system administrators by purchasing our Managed Services package.

Online Control Panel, cPanel, DirectAdmin

We offer a bunch of web hosting Control Panels with your dedicated server, allowing you to effortlessly take full control over your websites. During the signup process, you can pick between the cPanel Control Panel ($30 USD/a month), the DirectAdmin Control Panel (free) and our custom Online Control Panel, which is included at no charge with your server.

The Online Control Panel offers you an easy–to–use user interface and a bouquet of website accelerators to improve your web sites’ speed. With cPanel, you’ll get a well–known interface for managing your sites and also the WHM tool as a gift. The third hosting Control Panel option, DirectAdmin, offers a variety of no–cost modules, which will permit you to transform your server into a mail server or a game server.

Each Control Panel requires a certain Linux distribution. cPanel and DirectAdmin require CentOS to function, while Linux Hosts Inc.’s Online Control Panel requires Debian. You can choose your Linux distro on the order page.

Managed Services

In the event that, at some point, managing your dedicated server starts to seem just too much for you, we’ve got a perfect solution – the Managed Services package.

With our Managed Services package, you can have our system administrators keep constant track of your machine. Plus, your dedicated server will be integrated into Linux Hosts Inc.’s advanced server monitoring system, thanks to which we’ll be notified if something bad has happened to your server.

Aside from monitoring tasks, Linux Hosts Inc.’s Managed Services package also includes Operating System updates and automated backups.

24/7/365 support service

You need assistance with your dedicated server? We are available to you 24x7x365 and we answer within 60 minutes.

Linux Hosts Inc.’s support staff is comprised of technical engineers with lots of years of experience in the area. They have seen it all and, more importantly, have solved it all. And they’ll be happy to answer all your enquiries regarding your dedicated server.

If a problem can’t be solved by our tech support staff, we have a top–notch team of sysadmins who are available for assistance.