A top class US datacenter

Linux Hosts Inc. is cooperating with a first–rate US datacenter, that’s located in the heart of Chicago, IL. It is operated by a respected US IT enterprise and has excellent hosting conditions for your web sites twenty–four–seven.

The US datacenter boasts full redundancy in power, network connectivity and safety. The web servers have the most recent hardware components on the market nowadays.

A completely redundant network

The US datacenter boasts complete network redundancy. Our network uses Juniper switches and routers, and also on customized software, and the data center’s technical engineers take advantage of Cisco–powered devices. The network is 100% meshed as well as redundant thanks to numerous major backbone suppliers.

This particular well–designed network setup makes it possible for us to offer you a 99.9% network uptime warranty with all our web hosting products and services – hosting packages, VPS service, semi-dedicated service and Linux dedicated service.

Optimum route selection

The US datacenter has put together an effective peering network, consisting of a couple of the top network service providers in the United States of America, such as Layer(3), NTT and nLayer. For optimum route selection and auto failover functions, the data center’s server administrators take advantage of the Border Gateway BC Protocol.

Thanks to the first–class route choice, we’re able to offer really fast connection rates not only through the USA, but also around the globe. That’s why, if you host your websites with our US datacenter, your sites are going to perform way quicker than before from any location.

A 99.9% network uptime guarantee

The facility is manned with well–experienced employees 24x7x365. The services are secured by an industry–leading 100% network uptime warranty. And due to the cutting–edge server hardware components used on Linux Hosts Inc.’s servers, we can easily guarantee a 99.9% server uptime with all our hosting services.

We have as well set up a highly specialized, Linux–based server OS, on which our hosting platform is situated. The high degree of customization permits us to bring or remove new web servers at any moment with no downtime.

Properly maintained and tried and tested servers

In the US datacenter we have a continuously growing server network, that includes many different web hosting servers. Our intelligent notification system can identify the least dysfunction within a specified service and will straight away inform the server administrators. An internal SMS notification system does let our system administrators know if a topic is not resolved after a specific amount of time.

Linux Hosts Inc.’s server network includes hosting servers, and testing and backup servers. In addition, we have a variety of master VPS machines, semi–dedicated and dedicated servers.

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