FI Datacenter

When choosing a data center, its location is among the important factors - you can select an apparently great location, which can end up being a flood zone or perhaps an earthquake hotspot. Or the specific country might have a volatile political environment. This is why we've chosen Finland as the location for our next data center. This is a country having a stable political climate; it's far away from seismic hotspots and flooding is not a factor there.

The Finnish data center is situated in a former army facility. It's located in an below ground cave which is capable to endure aerial strike or EMP blasts. This will essentially guarantee that your site will keep functioning no matter what occurs with the outside world.

Apart from its strategic location and safety features, the Finnish data center has remarkable online connectivity with the world and particularly with Russia and Northern/Central Europe. It's an exceptional choice if you'd like to extend your worldwide web presence in these areas and to provide your visitors with outstanding connection speeds.

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