An advanced UK datacenter

You are given the option to select in which data center your web site is going to be hosted, in order for you to assure super fast web site loading rates for all of your users. The UK–based web servers are located in the UK datacenter – Pulsant, that is well–acclaimed for its cloud hosting servers and VPS servers and it is the perfect location for our cutting–edge cloud hosting platform.

The location near London signifies that it offers exceptional connectivity with the rest of Europe, Asia and Africa. Furthermore, with a fully reliable network, it’s a good location to host your website.

A reliable server web hosting location

Engineering skill plus server quality were the primary factors why we picked the UK datacenter over other UK places. The facility’s management body has set up the most suitable network systems as well as server gear are available on the market. The data center features twice as much cooling potential and power as opposed to alternative locations, enabling us to provide a suitable hosting setting for your web sites.

What’s even more, Pulsant is acknowledged for featuring direct fiber accessibility to the U.S.A. and Europe (Paris and Amsterdam), which guarantees an excellent network prospect of your mission–critical apps.

A 99.9% network uptime warranty

The UK datacenter has been in operation for 7 years today. The 10,000–square–feet facility boasts 16–amp racks and N+1 resilience. The UK datacenter features a remarkable peering network and it is in touch with two important London Docklands data centers via a 10Gig Extreme Networks ring.

A great network configuration assures the best possible connection rates for people from Europe, Asia and Africa. Additionally, our network runs in excellent synchronicity to the UK datacenter’s network, which permits us to warrant a 99.9% uptime for your web sites.

24/7 data center support

We’ve worked hard to set up a stable web hosting environment for your sites. Our sysadmins have created a new version of Debian Linux, specifically configured to best use Linux Hosts Inc.’s cloud hosting platform.

We’ve additionally built a specialized notification system. It will let us know whenever there’s a trouble with the machines or with any kind of web server process at all. It will quickly warn all of the system admins currently available in order for them to fix the problem without delay.

Solid and efficient UK hosting servers

Linux Hosts Inc.’s expanding network of web servers contains more than 80 standalone machines for hosting your small private web sites and large business sites. Further than normal production servers, we also have semi–dedicated and dedicated servers and main VPS machines. They are all a natural part of our one–of–a–kind cloud hosting platform and every one of them is linked with Linux Hosts Inc.’s customized notification system, to ensure it’s possible to keep an eye on them 24x7.

We have backup servers which permit us to revive your content in the event of occasional data loss, as well as web servers for testing uses.

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