An advanced AU datacenter

Amaze is one of the top–level data centers in Australia. It boasts an ideal location, a large peering network and partners with several top–tier customers. The temperature & humidity levels are sustained according to energy efficiency standards at all times.

The data center offers first–class connectivity with all the countries in the Asia–Pacific region, which will guarantee blazing–fast load speeds for your web sites.

Good network connectivity

The Amaze data center has built its own communication layer with access to the infrastructure of a lot of TSPs. The 2(N+1) configuration of the client distribution layer assures the problem–free inclusion of new hosting servers. Special N+1 communication rooms house major local and international TSPs to guarantee unparalleled online connectivity options for your Internet presence. This permits your websites to load much faster not only in Australia and Oceania, but also everywhere in the world.

The AU datacenter facility offers different cable routes and pathways allowing for other network service providers to be added. Custom satellite and antenna appliances can be positioned in a specially designated place on the data center’s rooftop.

A superb energy and air conditioning system

Linux Hosts Inc.’s Australian data center functions according to enhanced Tier 3 standards and offers a 99.982% network uptime guarantee. The facility is directly connected to the National Grid via two independent 20 MVA feeds. In case there is a power breakdown, twenty two diesel–powered generators will power the server network.

Thanks to the N+1 cooling system that Amaze is using, we can add as many additional hosting servers as we need, without the need to alter the present cooling parameters. This way, we are able to expand Linux Hosts Inc.’s cloud hosting platform to match your web sites’ expanding needs.

Data centers safety and support

We’ve got a group of highly competent techs who are working on–site 24/7 to assure unequalled safety levels. They’re using BMS systems to oversee all the essential mechanical appliances and SCADA systems to oversee the electrical appliances. Through constant closed–circuit television surveillance and mantraps, they control the access to the data center facility.

We have also developed a custom monitoring and alerting system, which permits our sysadmins to control the server network and to adhere to our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

AU datacenter hosting server network

Linux Hosts Inc.’s cooperation with Amaze has been very productive through the years and right now we keep a large number of servers in the data center – production servers, billing servers, administration servers, testing servers, backup servers and more.

They have a team of practiced technical engineers working onsite who help us set up a new server and include it in our cloud hosting network within several hours.

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