Whenever you create a brand new site, it’s really important to find the best design and style for it. Through the Linux Hosts Inc. Control Panel you can do that really quickly. We’ve got for you a variety of more than 800 completely unique website styles obtainable for no charge. They’re presented with every one of our cloud hosting accounts and are also completely easy to customize.

Most of the templates are created just for Linux Hosts Inc.’s services and aren’t presented any place else outside of the Control Panel. As a result the likelihood to locate another person utilizing the same theme as you will be decreased.

800+ Bonus Design Themes

Thoroughly customizable. Auto Setting up

To save you time when selecting the ideal look for your site, we’ve designed a number of over 800 bonus design themes in the Linux Hosts Inc. Control Panel. The web templates are built to cover diverse subjects and requirements – you can find web templates for both individual sites such as blogs or portfolios and company websites or online stores.

Each of our bonus design themes are accessible together with both the Application Installer and then the Instant Website Installer. It means that you can set up the theme that suits you on a brand new site in seconds.

Free Website Themes